The government puts pressure on people’s deputies from “Renaissance” to support reforms – Cooper


In “Vidrodzhennya” declared political pressure because of the refusal to vote for Pro-government reform.

This was during a meeting of the conciliation Council said the MP, Chairman of the political power of Viktor Bondar.

According to him, threats were received to the head of the Kharkiv regional Council, Sergii Chernov, elected from the party “Vidrodzhennya”, the deputies of Kharkiv regional Council and people’s deputies elected from Kharkiv. Victor Bondar underlined, that every new fact of threats or intimidation of the force to inform the public, with the disclosure of the names.

“All of our deputies in the regions of Ukraine in VR is a lot of pressure from the authorities. In fact it is a compulsion to vote. Sorry, these methods are not methods that should be used in modern Ukraine. We strongly protest against political pressure. We will publicly and officially declare from the rostrum of the Parliament, all of who’s calling who’s calling who threaten the deputies of the local level, regional, and BP in particular. I warn you again, we will not vote for these fake reforms. This is not reform, it’s imitation, first and foremost, we must think about economic things,” said Cooper.

The video settings of the party “Revival” has declared pressure of the authorities


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