Courage Dovgy and passport Rosenblatt: how the deputies react to the prospect of losing immunity

General and anti-corruption prosecutors asked the Parliament to resolve to prosecute the five MPs Oles Dovgy from the group “will of the People”, radical, Andrey Lozovoy, Eugene Deydey and Maxim Polyakov of the “popular front” and Borislav Rosenblatt from BPP. View on the lifting of parliamentary immunity signed by public Prosecutor Yury Lutsenko, said in the story TSN.19:30.

The one with the Long has a long history of relationships: in December 2014 Lutsenko fought with Dovgy, who was accused of buying votes in the election, and showed him the bars of his fingers. Later, Lutsenko called his emotional outburst, and Dovgy, they say, even collecting MPs to vote for Lutsenko to the Prosecutor General. However, the case against Dovgy is still there, the effort of anti-corruption investigators and prosecutors.

Videogenerator asks BP to prosecute five MPs

TSN. 19:30

21 Jun, 19:54

The attorney General Lutsenko case was supported and asked Parliament to remove the immunity of long because of a deal with the Kiev land of the island beetles. We are talking about the 44 protected acres, the marginalized, when long ran in the city Council. The Deputy called this pressure on him and said he was ready to answer. “Pressure can not be. Personally write to the Chairman of the regulatory Committee statement to support the submission of Lutsenko,” – said Dovgy through social networks.

An hour earlier in the Parliament brought the presentation by Andrey Lozovoy. Radical, according to investigators, evaded paying taxes by nearly 2 million. He called it political violence.