In Kiev banned to catch stray cats

June 22 at the plenary meeting of Kyiv city Council deputies made the decision on the ban on catching of homeless cats in Kiev.

For this decision voted 81 deputies.

The document will regulate the treatment of animals and regulation of number of homeless animals by humane means.

Homeless four-legged catching is prohibited unless necessary for their sterilization, vaccination, or with the aim of finding new owners. To attach to the process needs of the animal.

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“It is also prohibited to catch in the event of circumstances that threaten the life, health and safety of people. In addition, the municipal enterprise for maintenance of the housing Fund are required to establish intentional interference to complete cats natural functions of deratization and to give them access to the basement premises”, – said the author of the draft decision, city Council Deputy Konstantin Yalova.

HBC, condominiums and other responsible organizations need to ensure compliance with the standards and requirements for the operation of cellars, technical basements and attics, and to prevent isolation there cats that can lead to their death.

Communal enterprise “Shelter for animals” and “Kiev city hospital of veterinary medicine” obliged to regulate the number of these animals in the city through sterilization with compulsory vaccination.

Videovelocity achieve that the homeless cats have been walled up in the cellars of Kyiv

TSN. 19:30

April 25, 21:30