“That’s the Guzhva”. The reaction of social media on the arrest of the editor-in-chief “Strenia”

The evening of June 22, was detained the chief editor of “Stranja” Igor Guzhva on charges of receiving a bribe in 10 thousand dollars for the deployment of compromising materials on the current policy.

Meanwhile Dnia found out that wrote about the searches in the editorial office and detention Guzhva opinion leaders, and users in social networks.

Ukrainian journalist Pavel Kazarin responded to the event, describing the two wings of the Ukrainian media, one of which gets money from Russia or from the hands of the former entourage of Viktor Yanukovych and considers itself the opposition, justifying his activity by the fact that “all the same,” money does not smell, and just not taking responsibility for their work.

Ukrainian media space consists of two parts. In one part of it – the actual Ukrainian media: left-liberal, privalia…

Posted by Pavel Kazarin 22 Jun 2017

In turn, the journalist and public figure Dmitry korchinskiy joked about the detention of Guzhva.

Their attitude to the situation was expressed by the political analyst Sergei Taran.

Public figure Michael Makaruk also reacted on social media.

In turn, the journalist Bogdan boutkevitch reacted in the social media message in which he reminded readers where Guzhva received money to Finance his publications, and also the fact that he was hunted down since his work in “news”.

“And now this information saboteur caught in a banal and old as world of greed,” wrote Butkevich.

Z drive guivi. Just foretold, scho, itartini shutkami s poinformowany jerel)), VIN pubuduwa his shit pomise …

Posted Bogdan Butkevych 22 June 2017 R.

The view was expressed by the journalist Vitaly Portnikov.

Many questions about the searches and detentions Guzhva asked the politician Viktor Baloha.

we can say that Igor Guzhva professes Pro-Russian views? Of course you can! In my opinion, he does not hide, as it…

Posted by Viktor Baloga on June 23, 2017

But the MP from “Opposition bloc” Oleksandr Vilkul called in social networks to support Igor Guzhva and said he was ready to take him on bail.

Just found out that the detained chief editor of the site Strana.ua Igor Guzhva. Friends, I think all decent people who…

Published by Alexander Vilkul 22 Jun 2017

In addition, regarding the arrest of Guzhva joking and users of social networks, spreading a fun image, playing with the name of the chief editor “Strenia”.

We will remind, in the evening of 22 June, editor-in-chief of the edition “Strenia” of the Igor Guzhva was detained.

According to Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, Guzhva received 10 thousand dollars to not publish the dirt on one of the politicians. The journalist says that the case against him was fabricated.

After his arrest came two lawyers, but they are not missed in the editorial office. It turned out that one of the defenders Igor Guzhva in the room is still there is the Minister of justice of times of Yanukovych Olena Lukash.

She said that now Guzhva is located in the city police Department.

Note, in 2015, Igor Guzhva was wanted on suspicion of intentional evasion from paying taxes on about $ 18 million. On 1 August he arrived in Kiev and immediately went to the investigator a statement that it did not intend to hide from law enforcement.

On 29 July it became known that Igor Guzhva left the media holding “Vesti Ukraine”, and also stepped down as editor-in-chief of the daily newspaper “Vesti”.

Later, former chief editor of the newspaper “Vesti” Igor Guzhva has made for himself a pledge of $ 1 million 35 thousand 300 UAH (about 850 times the minimum wage), his court-appointed 4 Aug.

Videopanel editor “Strenia” detained on charges of taking bribes

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