Kiev residents raise the rent. Encrypted with the new payment system

Pay for each square meter of housing in conventional high-rises laid as many as 27 cents on lighting. It turns out that on the landing the new bulb should kuryat almost every two days. Although even the cheapest of them serve at least a month.

In Kyiv such rates of rent to begin July 1 instead of 3 UAH for square meter is 6.5 UAH. Why give to earn for yourself, instead of unite and defend their rights, as stated in the plot of TSN.Week.

The increase of tariffs for rents in the capital due to rising electricity costs, garbage collection, raising the minimum wage. So explain to those who have shaped these rates, and the utility.

“The cost of electricity increased seven times, garbage collection has increased almost twice, fuel – eight times, the average salary has increased”, – said Director of KP “the Management company for servicing of housing” Vasiliy Grigorenko.

And these costs will now fall on the shoulders of the tenants of apartment and communal houses. Services local area hectares increased in the quarter regions of Ukraine. And not only in Kiev. The lowest rate among residents of the City of Cherkasy region, mere pennies. The most expensive rents in the capital. If earlier for a one bedroom in the Khrushchev here was paid 200 UAH, in August, will have to pay about 500.

The Cabinet six years ago determined the mandatory list of services that should provide. 12. That is, in any city of Ukraine, if you pay rent, you can safely require clean and tidy.

Change anything the new tariff, which is more than two times? The Director supports the company just stunned. It turns out that in every house there is money for repairs. For them it is possible to replace, for example, pipes in the basement. Funds are accumulated in a separate account. How to dispose of them, can decide the tenants.

“All young people, they have the right to demand from the service organization that the funds were being spent on their house. They collectively took the decision to replace the drain, or replace mailboxes, or repair of entrances,” – said Vasyl Hryhorenko.

But this is assuming that everyone will pay on time, do not continue. And is it possible to pay less and get more? A lot of such examples – where there are housing cooperatives or condominiums. There and clean, and the Windows replaced, and repairs in doorways, and even install individual heat points – to the house was less to pay for heating in winter. There are programs where part of the cost of insulation and energy saving compensates the state.

In the future the rate for rent most expensive cost of cleaning. The cleaning services will range from UAH to 2.5 UAH per square meter. This graph now is not cheap. If all multiply, janitors and cleaners should just bathe in gold. For example for three months of this year, for the purity of one of the houses, all tenants paid about 50 thousand hryvnia, only janitors. According to the new tariff amount will be more than three thousand monthly.

Due to the increase in articles on cleaning the local area janitors and cleaners want to raise the salary.

So now in many homes and next to them are just expensive and dirty. And would be very expensive and it is not known how. However, even today the residents of communal houses have the ability to control every hryvnia, and to force officials to spend on what you really need. You just need to unite and not necessarily in condominiums. At least choose action group.

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Videojournalist TSN.Tyzhden investigated the rate on the rent and explained that encrypted in the payment

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