Fire from anti-tank grenade launchers and the intensification of snipers in the Donbas. Digest ATO

Since the beginning of the day the enemy 5 times opened fire on the offices of the Ukrainian troops. Despite the low intensity of the enemy fire, Ukrainian soldiers on the same provocation today resisted and did not open fire.

About it informs the press center of staff ATO in Facebook.

Donetsk direction

In this area the contact line, recorded two enemy shelling. Even at night the occupants opened fire with heavy machine guns, one of the strongholds of ATO forces near Kamenka. During the day, militants fired Ukrainian soldiers on Swetlogorsk arc. There are mercenaries beat from anti-tank grenade launchers of various modifications on the Ukrainian defensive fortifications near the settlement Lugansk.

Lugansk direction

Three times since the beginning of the day Pro-Russian armed gangs broke and without that an uneasy truce on this front. First, in the early days, the hijackers released a few min caliber 82 mm at positions of the Ukrainian defenders near Yellow. Subsequently, intensified sniping enemy groups. In particular, at dawn the enemy snipers tried to get members of the armed forces of Ukraine, who hold the Fort in the area of Popasnaya. And in the afternoon they fired near Novotoshkivske.

The construction of the press center of the ATO headquarters for the day as of 18.00 hours on 26 June 2017, the Operational situation in the area held…

Published by the Press center of the ATO headquarters on 26 June 2017.

Earlier in the headquarters of the ATO reported about provocations and even terrorist acts, which are prepared by the militants in the Luhansk region.

Video settings SCCC warn about possible attacks against the civilian population in the East

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