In KSCA said that the new activation date of hot water in the capital

In Kyiv city state administration declare that the company “Kyivenergo” will be able to resume hot water supply of residents of the 5 districts of the capital after the inclusion of CHP-6 on June 27.

About this informed the Deputy Chairman of the KCSA Petr Panteleyev during a briefing.

“Saturday began the process of connecting a CHP. I hope that tomorrow the residents of the 5 areas will be hot water,” he said.

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As “Kyivenergo” Kiev tempers. Why in the capital, no hot water

According to him, the city will control the process of debt repayment to the company “Ukrtransgaz”, so that such a situation does not recur.

As previously reported, “kievtransgaz” has received an order from the Ministry of energy and coal industry of Ukraine to connect to the network CHPP-6 in Kyivto resume the supply of hot water in several major areas of Kiev. This was on a conference call said the head of the Ministry Igor Nasalik.

Videoscale known when the people of Kiev will turn on the hot water

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19 Jun, 20:28