The Network has released the first photo of Colonel Gur, who was killed during the blasting of a car in Kiev

In the Internet appeared the photo of the deceased in Kiev during the explosion of the car Mercedes se member of the defence intelligence of Ukraine, Colonel Maxim Shapoval.

I published the corresponding photos of the Ukrainian military portal.

Ukrainian military portal

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Undermining the intelligence of Colonel Shapoval. What is important to know about the attack in Kiev

Police have classified the incident as a terrorist act, later the investigation was transferred to the Military Prosecutor.

Video settings the capital blew up a car with influential Ukrainian military

TSN. 12:00

Today, 12:36

We will remind, powerful explosion thundered in Kiev at the intersection of streets Solomenskaya and machine Operators on the morning of 27 June. During the explosion also injured two people. Subsequently, the defense Ministry told that the division, which was led by the Colonel, engaged in the protection of the former Russian Deputy Denis Boronenkov, in particular the politician handled his immediate subordinate.