Epic escapes: at the airport of new York crabs slipped out of Luggage

At the airport in new York a dozen crabs staged an epic escape from the Luggage.

Witnesses recorded the movement of crabs on the tape for Luggage, – informs in Flight Facebook.

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The arrival of Luggage from Ghana resulted in an interesting problem for the airport staff.

The arrival of a Ghanaian luggage at JFK presented an interesting problem for airport staff. Via Ofori Amin.

Published Game 24 Jun 2017

We will remind that earlier on LiveLeak downloaded 15 second video as the crab runs away from the Brazilian restaurant with the knife in clamps, which became a hit on the Network.

According to the Huffington Post, online users immediately began to speculate how the crab got the weapon. People joked that the crab defended by Martin. Someone suggested that the animal adapts to the urban environment.

Videotitle Cuba suddenly rejoice a Grand invasion of the crabs

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April 26, 10:21