After a head-on collision on the highway near Kiev broke out a car

Accident near Kiev led to the ignition of another car for the day. This time a car erupted after a head-on collision with a motorcycle.

It is reported resource ДТП on his page in the social network.

“A motorcycle with a passenger was driving on the highway in the direction of Lebedevka near the Kyiv sea, where it collided head-on with a car. Motorcyclist with broken arms and legs in a critical condition was taken to hospital ambulance along with his companion. The driver of the car – the girl who was injured less,” – noted in the message.


Fiery hell! A head-on collision of the motorcycle and the car! Right now accident near Kiev with the victims! �Motorcycle with a passenger…

Published 29 Jun 2017

We will remind, this morning in Boryspil highway accident occurred, after which the machine caught fire. According to the data, after the collision the vehicles caught fire Daewoo. Injured at least 5 people, including a child.

Video surveillance Boryspil highway was formed many kilometers tube due to an accident

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