The July price increase: prices rise on food, rent and public transportation

In July, Ukrainians waiting for the next rise in price. In the first place will increase the value of products after July 1, the government abolished state regulation. When it acted, the sellers had no right to put surcharges on social products more than 15%. Now the prices will depend on the market situation.

Therefore, it is expected to rise in the following products: flour, bread, cereals, eggs, boiled sausage, butter and milk. About it writes “Today”.

Also in July, the people of Kiev will begin twice more to pay for the maintenance of adjoining areas. The rent for one square meter of residential space will total of 6.43 UAH. For example, the owner of the apartment is 70 square meters will have to pay for the maintenance of the local area is 210 UAH 450 UAH. The rate includes maintenance of elevators, costs of waste disposal, cleaning and the like.

In addition, the people of Kiev will have to pay more for public transport. From July 15, more expensive fare on the subway. Now a single trip costs 4 UAH, and 5 UAH. Also with 3 to 4 UAH will increase the fare in buses, trolley buses, trams and funicular.

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