The rebels lost 13 people, the tank and BMP, but moved forward under the Heater

The militants occupied a “gray area” near the village of Kamenka, where residents are now in danger, as appeared in the line of fire. Shoot the invaders began immediately with heavy caliber, according to a story TSN.19:30.

“You can hear the separatists shelled our country, which is peaceful – our positions here! You can hear how out and broken shells,” showed a situation the Deputy commander of the 72 OMBRE Samara Alexander. According to the military, worked on the heater tanks, the 120th mortar and self-propelled guns, 122 calibre.

Videoroliki took the gray area near the village of Kamenka

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:29

Local residents saw with my own eyes the refutation of the truth of what the projectile in the same place not falling. Militants have twice hit the house of local residents. Last say continue to live and strive on economy, despite the threat. “Go-go, you never know where it will arrive! 16 – the goat killed and over wounded. All the time in tension,” recognized people.

They claim that I have not seen such an intense fire. Official more than a half dozen separate attacks on local merged into a single solid invasion. People were hiding there, where it was time to run. In shelters, spent the whole day and all night.