“The trash and the letters”: willow burst into a harsh criticism on the performance of the GPU on tax evasion

The VR regulations Committee has considered the performance of the GPU on removal of inviolability from the people’s Deputy Andrey Lozovoy. The decision recognized such a requirement is legal but not justified, says the story TSN.19:30.

Investigators Lozovo is charged with tax evasion amounting to more than 1.8 million. In this article, the penalty, and the main goal of criminal prosecution is to teach the wealthy to pay taxes. So said the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko, who, during the heated debates showed the printout from Facebook Lozovoy, somewhere obscene gestures responds to the idea of the lifting of his immunity.

Videopresentatie on lifting immunity of MP he sent Paruby

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:03

He Lozova represent a serious document does not consider. “It’s not a view is a set of letters, is the debris Lutsenko catches me with the aim of political blackmail”, – said the MP. It also angered prosecutors estimate of the value of the relicsthat have been declared as the value together with the old cross, in which they are stored. “It is sacrilege to talk about the evaluation of things. I encourage you to worship these relics, and to repent,” asked willow to Lutsenko.

In recent days, this week’s regulation Committee considered the previous performance of the GPU on the deputies Evgeny Deydey and Oles Dovgy. As the decision regarding the fate of Lozovoy, the Committee forwarded them to the speaker Parubiy. To do a radical mere mortals must resolve the voting in the session hall.