The night of Ivan Kupala in Pirogovo began jumping over the fire and spectacular dances

Pagan traditions alive this evening it was possible to see the open air Museum in Pirogovo. The night of Midsummer in folk beliefs there is a time for magic rituals, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Before sunset in Pirogovo kindled a fire, weaving wreaths and danced. The main symbol of the holiday is a wreath. This attribute Nezami girls to wear his wives experts do not suggest, because it’s a reason to think that this woman is a whore.

Video entertainment with water and fire: Ukrainians remembered a long tradition on the eve of Kupala

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 21:13

Fern leaves in the wreath signify a very specific action. “Fern flower – it’s just that… Ahem!!.. That you thought,” laughed the expert on ancient pagan customs. “Most started a relationship of an intimate nature” – she explained the features of that day in pagan antiquity.

Now many of the girls in Pirogovo on their heads were wreaths. Traditionally, they were then thrown into the water. The people believed that the direction in which to sail the wreath will show how will come true love girls. Traditionally for this this time didn’t quite work out because the ponds in the Museum under the open sky shallow, which caused part of the guests Pirogov irritation. However, the wreaths were still cast, though called these lakes the “swamp”.

Another attribute of the holiday was jumping over the fire. It is usually done in pairs the lovers – it was thought that it would help to live a long life together. Guest of the festival this evening with pleasure, jumped and alone – say, for someone who can jump over the fire, next year will be very successful and will bring a lot of money.

The TSN reporter Nellie Kowalski