Graduates of medical University “stuck” without a job because of a misunderstanding of teachers and doctors

The graduates of National medical University did not receive a certificate that they passed the license exam “KROK 2”, without which it is impossible to get a first job and start internship. The reason for this was the conflict between the University and the center for evaluation at the Ministry of health, said in the story TSN.19:30.

Hope had given training for 10 years, to become a therapist. First there was College and then 6 years in medical University. In late may, she successfully passed the licensing exam – independent testing, without which it is not possible to become a doctor. It is already waiting on the work in the center of maternity and childhood, but the future, the therapist does not give the certificate. “Employers don’t even want to talk about it because they have no document. Graduates of indifferent relations in the University and downtown – everyone wants to get their first job, all the waiting,” says the graduate of Bogomolets national medical University Natalia Trotskaya.

Videodesexy doctors can’t find a job because of a conflict of University and testing Center of the Ministry

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:39

More than 1.6 thousand graduates have become hostages of the conflict. For years, the testing center was in the territory of the medical University and never took money for their services, but now he moved to another office, and the University billed million. At the University do not want to pay, because, they say, have a valid agreement until the end of the year on a Pro Bono cooperation. “If the testing center have a claim to us on this million, even submit to the economic court, and court decides”, – said the rector Kateryna Amosova.

One exam is 211 UAH, say in the center. For the University Bogomolets work done in debt. The remaining 130 universities were paid on time and their graduates have long documents. “Exactly the same policy for all. NMU is one of all the universities why they feel they should get for free,” – said the head of the Marina center Maruga. For the settlement of the conflict remains less than a month. If the conflict is not resolved, graduates will be deprived of a first job and learning opportunities in the internship.

The TSN reporter Irina Markevich