Magic sevens: 7.07.2017 in Kiev there was a wedding boom

Match three sevens in the date created extraordinary excitement in the registry offices of the capital. Only in Kiev this day were married more than 400 couples – five times more than usual, says the story TSN.19:30.

Employees of departments of registration provided for festive fever at the beginning of the year, when only began the application of the day. Friday morning promised to work to last client. Kiev filled white limousines and cars decorated with flowers. Married all those who wanted the lavish ceremony, was looking for vintage cars in the motorcade or come in gym clothes without too much pathos.

Video3 sevens in the date of the wedding has caused a boom in Ukraine

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:45

Sasha and angelina had planned the wedding in pink – he was not only the dress, veil, and flowers of the bride, but also at the suit of the husband. “There must be a compromise, so the man also rose,” laughs young. Following in a long line of couples Andrew and Valeria. They struck out from your list, all the traditional attributes, including clothes and did everything in her own modest style.

The contrast was the limo Lamborghini near the Central wedding Palace. To make the relationship came Maxim and Sofia. Next to them in the queue Elena and Marcus, who came to marry from Germany. “We checked with all the horoscopes – the prognosis is very favorable,” said the happy bride.