The detention of the Colonel of the Grata of the Russian Federation from the Donbas, wrote a letter to Putin about the help

Ukrainian law enforcers detained Russian Colonel Valery Grata during participation in the fighting in the occupied Donbas wrote a letter to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin with the request to assist him.

The appeal of the terrorist to the Russian leader published “Цензор.net”.

In his letter to Grata complains that after his deportation from Moldova for participation in combat actions on the side of the separatists in Transnistria and Pro-Russian militants “DNR” and “LNR” in the Donbass, he was left without a livelihood. In the petition, the terrorist asks Putin to help his family to move to Russia and make a pension.

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“After the deportation, I was left without a livelihood, lost the opportunity to see my family and to help their relatives. I am now in the Donbas. Earlier with a request to provide me the help addressed to the State Duma of the Russian Federation, office of the Commissioner for human rights of the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova and the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov, but the answer have not received”, – said in the letter.
Letter Gradova Putin

As previously reported, earlier Ukrainian border guards detained a Russian polkovnik Valeria Gradova, which the Russian special services were planning to do, “Deputy Minister of state security of PMR”. He had the phones of leaders of Transnistria, video of shelling of Ukrainian positions in the Donbas and a photo with the leaders of the terrorists.

Videotransit security services detained a Russian citizen Valery Grachova who trained militants

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