American “hawk” against the two-headed eagle. Main facts about Kurt Volker

On the appointment, Kurt Volker, the first ever US special envoy for negotiations on Ukraine it became known on July 7, before the meeting of U.S. President Donald trump with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

Two days later, Walker arrived in Ukraine along with U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson, who voiced the main function and task of the special representative.

What will the special envoy?

The main objective of the Walker is to coordinate cooperation with the “Quartet Norman” and maintaining contacts with the leaders of Ukraine and Russia.

“We are disappointed with the lack of progress in the Minsk agreements. That is why we have appointed a special representative in order to make an extra accent. We will carefully coordinate this activity with representatives of the “channel” (of the format. – Ed.) (…) in order to see if we can make progress,” said Rex Tillerson.

Walker will coordinate all state Department efforts to resolve the conflict resulting from the invasion of Russia in Crimea and then in Eastern Ukraine, said the representative of US state Department Robert Hammond, announcing the appointment of Volker. In fact, it will perform the same functions as the former assistant Secretary of state for Europe and Eurasia Victoria Nuland, that’s the only arena of its activities will be confined to Ukraine.

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“In principle, Yes, their functions are identical. Victoria Nuland were in fact a representative of the Obama administration in a negotiating process with Ukraine and Russia, and Welker will be the representative in the administration of Donald trump,” – says the analyst of the German Marshall Fund Joerg Forbrig.

“Hawk” against the two-headed eagle

After the appointment, Kurt Volker, the Russian media persistently painted his biography, highlighting his inability to bring peace to the Donbass.

Walker began his career in foreign policy in 1986, as a CIA analyst. He is a career diplomat, particularly almost a year held the position of U.S. permanent representative to NATO.

Prior to that, he worked at the headquarters of Senator John McCain in 1997-1998, and is now the Executive Director of the Institute of international leadership of John McCain in Arizona. “Walker in a very close relationship with Senator McCain, and it also gives us to understand his principled and tough stand against Russia and support for Ukraine and other Eastern European countries affected by the aggression of Russia”, – said Joerg Forbrig. In particular, this year in April at a hearing of the Senate foreign Affairs Committee Volker urged the administration of Donald trump to counter the challenges that Moscow’s behavior poses to the West.

“Russia is trying to destroy the order that was established after the cold war in Europe, changing borders by use of military force. Russian troops occupied a part of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova and arrogantly demonstrate force. Russia just annexed the Crimean Peninsula,” said Kurt Volker.

Walker, like John McCain, has advocated the provision of Kiev lethal weapons. A necessary condition for lifting the sanctions against Russia, he called the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

One is a warrior

According to the publication Foreign Policy, appoint a special envoy Donald trump has asked German Chancellor Angela Merkel during his visit to Washington in March. However, the mission that was set before Walker is to revive the efforts aimed at implementation of the Minsk agreements – is unlikely to be successful, says Forbrig of the German Marshal Fund.

“Personally, I doubt that this appointment will significantly affect the implementation of the Minsk agreements. I don’t see how an individual, as Kurt Volker, even with years of experience, something can change and force Russia to implement the Minsk agreement,” – says Joerg Forbrig.

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In addition, according to the expert, the USA did not participate in the preparation of the Minsk agreements, as did the leaders of Germany and France, and to this day had no particular desire to join the “Norman Quartet.”

The fact that Washington is a direct participant of this format, also to a certain extent will limit the possibilities of the new US special envoy to promote the implementation of the agreements Minsk, says Forbrig.