Experts on diplomacy and military Affairs have predicted the fate of the main characters of “Game of Thrones”

American experts on diplomacy, economy and military Affairs has tried to predict the final fantasy series “Game of thrones” premiere of the seventh season which will take place on 16 July this year.

This publication reports Mashable, which gathered a small meeting on the cult TV series.

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The discussion was attended by experts in various fields: diplomat Stephen Dyson, Professor of foreign policy and international relations at the University of Connecticut; historian, Kelly Davis, Professor of medieval military history and technology at the University of Loyola Maryland, who has ties with the producers of the show; the political scientist Daniel Drezner, Professor of international politics at tufts University, who moonlights as an unofficial expert of “Game of thrones” for the Washington Post; the economists Carmen Dorobat, international business lecturer at Coventry University, and her colleague from the University of Manchester Matthew McCaffrey.

The experts expressed their opinions regarding the probable fate of all the main characters in the series finale.

A definite contender for the throne is Daenerys Targaryen, who in the series plays Emilia Clarke. At the end of the 6th season of the Mother of Dragons sailed to Westeros with the ships Greyjoy, fighting hordes of dothraki and three dragons.

The experts stressed that Daenerys the only ones who have weapons of mass destruction, so she didn’t need to bother about diplomacy. Historian Davis compared her to Joan of Arc, the dothraki with the Mongols or Huns, and Unadulterated with the elite Persian Immortals. If Martin really plays the real “War of roses” between York and Lancaster, soon between the Starks and Lannisters should receive their Tudor.

According to the analyst of Dresner, Daenerys has formed the strongest tactical alliances, and has the useful ability to listen to good advice. However, it needs to have some kind of Achilles ‘ heel, otherwise it would not be “Game of thrones”. The problem with living weapons, her dragons, that it can be used against her or perish.

Cersei Lannister , all the experts give the smallest chance to keep the throne she had seized power. Whatever the political mind she had it bound Patriarchal society of Westeros. Speaking of Cersei, Dyson recalls the grueling criticism of Hillary Clinton: hungry for power, unreliable, a poor candidate.

Economists point out that the first season showed how quickly a city can die of starvation. The rich and powerful house Lannister, there are a number of debt that will have to pay in the new season. Their short-sighted game that is aimed at getting the largest possible power at every opportunity, leaving them at a disadvantage.

Jon snow has already experienced death, and its a good chance to hold on and to play the role of “Favourites” in the most important battle for Westeros. According to the diplomat, Dyson, despite the fact that snow is the most legitimate claim to the throne, his reluctance to rule is unchanged. Despite the less than compelling military skill, he is in a strong position to form important alliances between Sansa and Daenerys.

The character of Sansa stark, probably the most increased last season. Her political awareness and the importance should not be underestimated.

According to experts, Tyrion Lannister made the right choice joining Daenerys. Dyson believes that Tyrion protect multiple forces. It can be regarded as the likeness of the great Italian theorist Niccolo Machiavelli – his theories on management would be essential for the successful Targaryen reign.

Recall, the series aired on HBO since 2011. Recently, HBO released the new official trailer of the seventh season, which are going to burn a record number of stuntmen.

The new season will be seven episodes, and their duration can extend.