Immunity six: Sobolev sees the trick, and Pynzenyk – political persecution

To decide the fate of six deputies of the Verkhovna Rada can begin as early as Tuesday. About the speaker Andriy Parubiy said this at a meeting of the conciliatory Council, according to a story TSN.19:30.

“I want to remove any intrigue, which this week continued to announce that all representations received from the attorney General, will be discussed in the session hall of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine”, – said the head of the Parliament. He said the coalition of his asking all the idea to consider together on Thursday, because in relation to Mikhail Dobkin, the regulation Committee will meet already on Wednesday.

Video settings soon, the VR can begin to decide the fate of six MPs

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:26

Thursday should be the last day of the session, when there may be any voting after that, Parliament will disperse by autumn. This draws the attention of the people’s Deputy Yegor Sobolev. “The plan is simple: to put this last question in the last day – Thursday. Not to vote and quickly through the underground passages – on aircraft and September on the Islands. Therefore, it is very important that the voting started Tuesday. As soon as one is removed, will break down Esprit de corps. However, the faction say: and, with our shot, and we also give your voices,” he said.

Both factions of the coalition say they support the summer without a vacation, but in reality such a vote fail. The BPP has already supported the idea of the withdrawal of immunity and prosecution of his Deputy Borislav Rosenblatt. In the “people’s front” not as strong relative to their MPs Yevgeny Deydey and Maxim Polyakov – there complain about the lack of evidence and selective approach.