Regulation Committee upheld the view on Dobkin

The VR regulations Committee has considered the idea of granting consent for the criminal prosecution of people’s Deputy from the opposition bloc Mikhail Dobkin.

The deputies supported the corresponding decision.

Therefore, the idea of removal of inviolability from Dobkin decided to submit for consideration to the Parliament. By decision of the Committee representation is a legitimate and motivated, although the shortcomings of the justification in it.

Ideas about the detention and arrest also sent to the Parliament, despite the lack of motivation and validity.

During a meeting of the Committee , the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko said that the Prosecutor’s office on 8 November 2014 investigating fraud, embezzlement, forming a criminal organization and of abuse of officials of the Kharkiv city Council.

“We believe that Dobkin Mikhail Markovic, acting intentionally, by prior agreement with a group of people, abusing his official position in the interests of third parties, resulting in serious consequences, committed a serious offense… “abuse”. In addition, Dobkin, acting intentionally, repeatedly, in the interest of the Chairpersons of the housing co-operatives contributed to the malice of appropriation zemuchastki on the territory of Kharkov by deception, that is committed… fraud,” – said Lutsenko.

He asked the Committee to endorse the idea of granting consent to criminal prosecution, and detention and arrest Dobkin.


According to the MP, he did not hear in the presentation of any evidence of their guilt, except for “allegations”.

“Crime is a socially dangerous act. I think that everything you saw, you can not called a “socially dangerous act”. It is a socially useful act. These apartments and houses are transferred to the balance of the city of Kharkov, and the ground beneath them allocated for the maintenance and upkeep of these houses… I believe that this case will not end anything, because each article, which provides fraud must have a victim. Show me the victim. The victim is the community, which has received 6 thousand apartments?”, – said the Deputy himself.

According to him, in Parliament it will ask to remove from it inviolability and to vote “for” to “the investigators had no reason to say that it can’t carry out investigative actions”. He promised to help the investigation.

“These 227 million, in principle, does not exist because half of the land has already been returned and the land valuation is another… they Have a task that I was sitting in jail,” he said.

At the end of his speech, the MP showed the members of the Committee portrait of the first Secretary of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev, noting that he is charged under the laws which “was created according to the laws that were passed are still with this man.”

According to him, all the charges against him “are baseless and have political overtones.”

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“Without Dobkin set incomplete”. Lutsenko wants quick consideration of a submission on MP

We will remind, Lutsenko, the Prosecutor General made a submission to the Parliament on the granting of consent to prosecute, arrest Dobkin. The GPU in the actions of nupdep saw the signs of deliberate arrangement by group of persons for abuse of official position and the promotion of fraud in order to seize 78 hectares of land Kharkiv regulatory cost of more than 220 million UAH.

Dobkin has assured that the case against him is a “personal vendetta” Lutsenko, whom he had warm relations under President Viktor Yushchenko. Deputy newnesi, the privacy of his Rob.

June 27, employees of GPU, together with the security service has searched the premises of the Kharkiv city Council, removing the documents that contain data about the illegality of land allocation, as well as information about the persons involved in Commission of the specified crime.

Pre-trial investigation established that officials of the Kharkiv city Council by creating for 2008-2014 years, more than 90 service cooperatives have contributed in making legal documents and misappropriated belonging to the territorial community of Kharkov land plots with a total area of over 650 hectares worth more than 4.05 billion UAH. Pre-judicial investigation proceeds.

Videoprobe proposes to consider 6 cases of removal of parliamentary immunity in one day

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