Because of the magnetic storm, the Northern lights were seen by inhabitants of Washington and new York

The residents of Washington and new York could see the Northern lights.

On it informs ABC News.

Incredible video shows the northern lights shining above Michigan’s Mackinac Bridge during the early morning hours.

— ABC News (@ABC) July 18, 2017

A rare phenomenon occurred due to the magnetic storm on the Sun, it can be seen on Michigan the Mackinac bridge in the early morning hours.

Usually the Northern lights appears in much more Northern latitudes, but because of the powerful magnetic storms on the Sun, it was watched not only in Michigan but also in Washington, Wisconsin, and new York.

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Recall that the Northern lights is a phenomenon that occurs in the interaction of the upper layers of Earth’s atmosphere with charged particles of the solar wind.

We will remind, a powerful solar flare threatens the health and beautiful Northern lights.