Pechersk court ordered the Prosecutor General’s office to resume the case against Gontareva

Criminal proceedings against Valeria Gontareva should be reopened. So ruled the Pechersky court of Kiev, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Judge Karaban upheld the complaint of the people’s Deputy Igor Lutsenko about the illegal actions of the investigator of the Prosecutor General Moysiyenko. He closed the proceedings against the former head of the national Bank for alleged lack of evidence.

Videobecause court of Kiev passed the decision on the resumption of the case against Gontareva

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:45

We are talking about a letter Gontareva, still being the head of the NBU, wrote the head of the Supreme Court of Ukraine with a request to take need to the national Bank decision in relation to 11 banks. Their regulator declared bankrupt, but overturned those rulings through the district courts. The MP sees this as pressure on the judiciary. Today’s ruling is not subject to appeal, so the GPU needs to reopen the investigation against the former head of the National Bank.

“Gontareva grow the chances that she will not go somewhere to relax once again, and can be questioned, as it should be about her, in my opinion, interference in the judiciary. To cover those destructive processes that preuzeli to the crisis in the banking system“, – explained the people’s Deputy Igor Lutsenko.