After the abolition of state regulation in Ukraine, prices for two-thirds of social products

It’s been almost a month, Ukraine abolished state regulation of prices for social products. Experts say that for the first 20 days of July increased the cost by two-thirds of social products.

“Despite the summer lull, prices gradually go forward. For the first 20 days after the abolition of state regulation of prices for social products rose 14 names from the list of 23 social food” – says the General Director of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko.

The most expensive meat, bacon and sausage. The price of bread stable. Cheaper seasonal vegetables – cabbage, potatoes, beets, carrots, and chicken eggs.

Average food prices in Ukraine in July 2017


The difference over 20 days of July

The present value of

Chicken carcass

Plus 3,8 UAH

49,3 UAH per carcass


Plus 2.1 UAH

47 UAH per 1 kg


Plus 1.5 UAH

105,7 UAH per 1 kg

Cooked sausage

Plus 1.5 UAH

68,2 UAH per 1 kg


Plus 1.3 UAH

98,4 UAH per 1 kg


Plus 0,7 UAH

11,8 UAH per 1 kg


Minus 3,5 UAH

13,2 UAH per 1 kg


Minus of 2.2 UAH

7 UAH per 1 kg

Chicken eggs

Minus 2 UAH

9.9 UAH per dozen


Minus UAH 1.7

8,4 UAH per 1 kg


Minus 1 UAH

24,1 UAH per 1 kg


Minus 0,8 UAH

13, 5 UAH per 1 kg

Data: State statistics service of Ukraine