The government called the projected size of pension in Ukraine in 10 years

After 10 years of new pensioners in Ukraine will receive a pension to more than 6 thousand UAH.

This forecast from the Ministry of social policy took into account during the development of the pension reform, which is now being implemented. This writes UNIAN.

It is expected that after the adoption of the reforms in full, in 2018 the average pension will amount to UAH 2454, 2020-m – 3043 UAH, and in the 2028-m – 6050 UAH.

But the average pension of current retirees in 10 years will amount to UAH 4184, predict in the Ministry.

Note that now in Ukraine there is the solidarity system contributions in all the necessary funds committed by the employer. And in the storage system, which I hope to enter in 2021 – each pays for himself from his salary.

Earlier it was reported that in 2021 Ukraine will begin the indexation of pensions in line with inflation. So want pensions were the same, especially those who retired early, and the growth of payments was frozen. Until 2021, the indexing plan to spend automatically for an amount not less than 50% of inflation and 50% of the average wage.

Videocart ten years pensioners in Ukraine will be able to receive pension in 6 thousand

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