Finance Minister danyluk said that the case against him is actively pushing

Finance Minister Alexander danyluk said that the case about evasion from payment of taxes is actively pushing.

He wrote about this in Faсеbook.

“Today, with lawyers more details to understand the accusations of the GPU, which I learned yesterday from the media. When analyzing the legal details of this process one gets a clear impression that the case against me actively pushed”,- he stressed.

According to the Minister, the Prosecutor exceeded his authority, addressing the court. Danyluk says that in this regard, the judge made the decision on the basis of illegal representation of the Prosecutor, and therefore the judge made an unlawful decision.

Meanwhile, the decision to conduct an audit for the period 1998 to 2016, according to officials, is not consistent with the provisions of the Tax code limit on the term of tax audits.

“And while I have a basic question: who is so hard to negotiate this question? Quite inert because our law enforcement and judicial system that are pulled from other cases against some corrupt politicians, very rarely so quickly and aggressively taking coordinated decisions, especially when they are contrary to the law. Myself Yury Vitalyevich do not like?”, concluded danyluk.

As for “apolitical” definition of court about the test: Today with lawyers more details to understand the accusations of the GPU, on …

Published by Alexander danyluk / Oleksandr Danyliuk August 1, 2017.

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Danyluk told about his condition after the suspicion of tax evasion

We will remind, the General Prosecutor’s office began checking Finance Minister Alexander danyluk in the case of possible tax evasion. This is evidenced by the decision of the Pechersk district court of 18 July.

in Particular, the court permitted the employees of the State fiscal service to conduct an audit of the Minister and subject to compliance with tax and currency legislation for the period from 1998 to 2016.

Danilyuk is charged with violating part 1 of article 212 of the criminal code (evasion from payment of taxes, fees, mandatory payments).

According to information from the Deputy address it is seen, that he in the period 2010-2014 was at the head of the coordination centre for economic reforms implementation at the presidential Administration. According to the tax information about income, danyluk over the years received income in the amount of UAH 556 162,98.

Viceministra Finance is suspected of tax evasion

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