SBU found at Guzhva on a flash drive of classified information of the defense Ministry media

SBU found on the flash drive seized in editor “Strenia” Igor Guzhva, the secret information of the Ministry of defence.

This is stated in the court order of 27 July, write “Ukrainian news”.

The investigative Department of GU SBU in Kiev and Kiev region carries out pre-trial investigation of criminal proceedings initiated on June 27 under part 1 of article 328 (disclosure of state secrets) of the criminal code. Investigators said that police officers during the search in the editorial office of the Internet publication “Strenia” seized a stick, on which there are electronic documents containing information that may are a state secret.

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TSN. Wounds

14 Jul, 08:42

The SBU appealed to the court to grant access to the personal electronic computing machine, which is the Ministry of defence, to expert research the hard drives. The representative of the Ministry objected to the approval of the application. However, the court gave investigators the security services access to these hard drives and PCs in the building of the defense Ministry.