In the calculation of pensions will take into account only two parameters – the Ministry of social policy

Pensions in Ukraine will be assessed in new ways. Now the amount of payments will depend on two factors.

This was announced by Deputy Minister of social policy Mykola Chambord, according to a story program “snidanok z “1+1”.

According to the draft of the pension reform adopted in the first reading, pensions will be calculated only on the basis of seniority and wages. This mechanism greatly simplifies the process of calculating payments, because earlier during Abilene pensions also took into account the position and profession of the citizen.

The government has decided that the Ukrainians would receive a 100 percent pension, that is, to have the opportunity to work and to rely on payments.

Recall that the pension reform should start as early as October 1 of this year. To modernize, that is, to increase the payment promise 75% of pensioners.