Lutkovska said the terms of the exchange Ageeva on Ukrainian hostages

Captive serviceman of the Russian Federation Victor Ageev can be exchanged for Ukrainian hostages who are being illegally held by Russia, but only after a court sentence concerning him.

This writes UNIAN.

To VideoMate Russian citizen Viktor Ageev turned to Peter Poroshenko with a request to pardon son

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12 Jul, 20:09

“Against Ageeva must go through a court session must be established his guilt or innocence. And after that must go through another process that is not associated with Minsk, and with the Russian Federation. I would have advocated to repeat the procedure (exchange of Russian spies, Alexander Alexandrov Evgeny Erofeev – ed.) because we have already created the precedent,” Parliament Commissioner for human rights Valeria Lutkovska.

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Mother Cliche Ageeva and recorded a joint video message to Putin and Poroshenko

July 22, mother of Victor Ageeva was found with his son in the Starobelsk SIZO in Lugansk, where he now contains. For Ageev, who said he illegally signed a contract with “LNB” this meeting was a surprise.

Before Ageev saw the mother, he met with journalists (both Russian and foreign) who said that doesn’t know exactly how much was Russian in his team. However, the same day the head of the SBU Basil Gritsak called names and call signs 15 Russianswho were in the brigade Ageeva and fought on the side of the militants. According to Hrytsak, this information coincides with the testimony of a prisoner.

Now Ageev are accused of terrorism.

As you know, in the Luhansk region detained a Russian soldier Viktor Ageev, who, according to the BBC, was called to service in the Altai region. His mother, friends and former colleagues confirmed that after military service he left to serve in the army under the contract, which was signed in March 2017.

Ageeva mother insisted that her son was on service in the armed forces and even received in may of this year the rank of corporal. While the Russian defense Ministry stated that the prisoner Ukrainians in Luhansk region, the Russian last year in the left margin.