Pynzenyk has denied any involvement in the opening of the case against Shabunina

MP, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on rules Pavlo Pynzenyk was not involved in the initiation of proceedings against the leadership of the “center of corruption counteraction”.

This is with reference to the letter of the Prosecutor’s office that was sent to Pynzenyk, said Еспресо.TV.

In particular, the response of capital Prosecutor’s office indicated that the appeal of possible violations in the activities of non-profit organizations served not the people’s Deputy, and the Director of OO “the national interest of Ukraine” V. A. Apasov

At the specified treatment apasova were instituted criminal proceedings concerning officials of the centre.

So, the MP Pynzenyk had not initiated criminal proceedings against Shabunina.

We will remind, investigatory management of the State fiscal service in Kiev two months investigating in the criminal proceedings against the Center of counteraction of corruption. About it reported in a press-service of the Center by publishing a response of the DFS to request a lawyer Dmitry Nochenka, which represents the interests of the CCP.

Chairman of the Board of GIC Vitaly Shabunin called the criminal proceedings a continuation of pressure on the organization and intensification of attempts to block its work.

“This is a consistent continuation of the campaign against us, whose goal is the destruction of the organization. Most likely, the “third person”, according to the statement which the attorney filed a new case, this is a former assistant Nikolay Martynenko MP Pavlo Pynzenyk. He threatened us with deprivation-profit status. His accusations are so absurd and unfounded that even sneaks who can’t qualify them in specific articles of the Criminal code,” he said.

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8 Jun, 20:22