The FSB is looking for dirt on the leaders of the militants in the Donbass to replace them with Russian officers – Hur

The Russian FSB prepares compromising on commanders of militants in the Donbass for their replacement by Russian officers.

This is stated in the press service of the Main Directorate of intelligence of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine in Facebook.

The representatives of the South IN the armed forces of Russia on the results of inspections of connections and parts 1 (Donetsk) and 2 (Lugansk) AK gave a report to the Russian command, which finds the mismatch positions officers managers “the battalion commander – platoon commander” from among the local mercenaries for professional, business and morally-psychological qualities. Therefore, it is recommended to replace them with personnel troisime officers.

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“To prepare the “legal basis” for realization of the specified activities by the representatives of the FSB is activated quickly-the search actions directed on preparation of dirt on the commanders of the local community and conducting preventive action to prevent the formation and spread dissent among personnel related to the “personnel changes”, – stated in the message.

Video surveillance in Kherson caught by the FSB of the Russian

TSN. 19:30

30 Jun, 20:35

It is reported that as of August 2, the Russian occupation command had already shifted from positions of the three commanders of battalions from structure of 100 separate motorized rifle brigade (Donetsk), 11 separate motorized rifle regiment (Donetsk) and 9 private infantry assault Marines (Novoazovsk) 1 AK armed forces.

We will remind, on Donbass continues to grow, the number of non-combat losses in the joints and parts of the militants and the Russian armed forces. In one of the units of the Russian officer during the “education session” was beaten with a wooden stick four subordinates. According to scouts, one of hackneyed died, two escaped from the military unit, and another tried to commit suicide.