The heat will make sellers to reduce the prices of perishable goods

In Ukraine at least another week will heat up to 34-37 degrees, scorching sun and no rain. During grocery shopping, the doctors suggest avoiding markets where there is often no refrigerators, so the products are perishable.

At the same time, the mushroom producers are already predicting a decline in prices for its products because of the heat. Now a kilo of mushrooms in the markets is 32-34 UAH per kilogram. It is reported by the National mushroom Agency UMDIS. Because of the hot weather, mushrooms will begin to wither and crinkle. Now good mushrooms are hard to find. So sellers will be forced to reduce prices. Of course, if there is no deficit of these products. Last week mushrooms were worth 34-42 UAH per kilogram.

Meanwhile, early vegetables in Ukraine beat price records.