The Belarusian rich decided not to buy Ukrainian subsidiary of “Sberbank of Russia”

Belarusian businessman Victor Prokopenya withdrew the submitted to the national Bank a request for purchase of the Ukrainian branch of “Sberbank of Russia”. As explained by the entrepreneur, he decided “to concentrate on other planned investments and projects.”

The entrepreneur emphasized that continues to consider the purchase of Ukrainian business “Sberbank” RF “good investment opportunity”, however, sees himself for the better focus on working on other projects. “The projects that we are doing now is the best investment of our time,” – said the businessman.

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Earlier in July, the national Bank rejected the application for the purchase of Ukrainian subsidiary of “Sberbank of Russia” a consortium of the Latvian Norvik Bank (shareholder Grigory Guselnikov) and the Belarusian company said Gutseriev (the son of the principal owner of “RussNeft” and the group Safmar). The basis for failure called the failure to provide investors with necessary documents for verification regarding their compliance with the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine. Rumored potential buyers are unable to prove the Bank that they have sufficient amount of own funds and confirm the source of origin.