U.S. sanctions against Russia include Ukraine, the allocation of $ 30 million

The law on sanctions against Russia for its aggression against Ukraine, which was signed by the President of the United States Donald trump, among other things, providing Ukraine with $ 30 million for actions for energy security.

“A legislative act provides for the establishment of the “Fund to counter Russian influence” and allocates a budget of $ 250 million in the 2018-2019 fiscal years. For the implementation of initiatives to support energy security of Ukraine provides for the allocation of $ 30 million,” – said the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States.

The act also States that the United States supports the government of Ukraine in restoring sovereignty and territorial integrity; condemn and counteract all the destabilizing efforts of the government of the Russian Federation in Ukraine; will not recognize the illegal annexation of Crimea by the Russian government or rejection of any part of the territory of Ukraine with use of military force; will help to reform Ukraine’s energy sector and reduce dependence on Russian energy resources will continue opposition to the implementation of the project of Russian gas pipeline “Nord stream-2” to Europe bypassing Ukraine.

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The EU has promised “adequate measures” if the US sanctions will hinder trade with the energy sector of the Russian Federation

The document provides for the possibility of imposing sanctions against state enterprises of the Russian Federation, carrying out operations in the steel and mining industries, railway transport; enhances the anti-Russian sectoral sanctions against the financial sector of Russia and the Russian energy sector; provides for the imposition of sanctions in connection with the activities of the Russian government in the direction of undermining cyber security; in respect of persons responsible for human rights violations in the occupied Russian territory, acting in the interests of defense and intelligence sectors of the government of the Russian Federation greatly contributed to the capabilities of Russia’s privatization of state assets, but also against foreign individuals and legal entities, which contributed to strengthening the military capabilities of government of Syria. The law allows the President of the United States in coordination with the allies of the United States to impose sanctions against natural and legal persons contributing to the development and maintenance of the Russian export of oil and gas pipelines.

The US President Donald trump with his signature enacted the law “Combating the enemies of America through sanctions”, which is essentially…

Published by the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA / Embassy of Ukraine in the United States August 2, 2017

Videotron has signed the law on strengthening of sanctions against Russia

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