In Germany first showed newborn Siberian tiger cubs from the zoo “Hagenbeck”

In Hamburg’s zoo “Tierpark Hagenbeck” for the first time allowed to go public four Siberian tiger cubs, born two weeks ago, says the story TSN.Sores.

The kids at first afraid, but their mother checked the area and cheered the cubs.

Videocamere Siberian tiger cubs for the first time brought to light in the Hamburg zoo

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Yesterday, 17:41

All the cubs feel good, but into the wild is unlikely to fall. Outside of zoos, Siberian tigers left about five hundred, and they are all under too much threat from people.

Now the zoo continues voting for the names of newborn cubs. Visitors must choose 2 options from the offered for boys – Mouse, Glory, Olay, Vitaly, Vladimir, and girls – Dasha, Katie, Les, Daria and Anna.

Vote for names for Siberian tiger cubs can be up to 9 August.

Tadaa!!!! Vier kleine Tiger machten heute zum ersten Mal einen Ausflug ins mutter-Kind-Gehege. Zwei Katzen und ihre…

Published Hagenbeck – Tierpark und Tropen-Aquarium 3 Aug 2017

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