TSN has witnessed night raids DRG on the position of the battalion “Donbass” near Marinka

Journalists got the opportunity to see night battles on the front lines of the ATO near Marinka. Before that representatives of the crew, the military held a briefing about the rules of salvation in the case of a critical situation, says the story TSN.19:30.

“Here is shelter. Just run without light, without anything. Went there vsido. Do not worry, yesterday he was on fire but he was unharmed,” – said the fighters. Terrorists don’t have to wait long – the shelling began, as according to the schedule, after sunset. Already at 21:00 hours started the fight. On the outskirts of Marinka military noticed a group of armed men. It has not been touched, but the soldiers watched and at the same time ready to repel the attack.

Videoroliki powerful forces attacked Marinka

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:20

For half an hour the traffic near their position noticed in the imagers and to the position where the journalists were. “Move, run across. There have scrim hidden. Maybe some kind of weapon set,” suggested a soldier of the battalion “Donbass – Ukraine”. Further on the outskirts of Marinka showered with enemy projectiles of various calibers. “Exit, another. Let’s sit down – arrivals” – calmly suggested fighter.

Later information was received that heavy fire from terrorists trying to cover the movement of subversive group, which worked within a few hundred meters from the position, where our crew. Observers at the posts reported: working DRG of four, which are approaching positions. Then it was decided to open fire on the lead.