Experts predict a decline in the value of the products in August

In August in Ukraine is expected to lower prices for products.

In particular, in the middle of the month for 15-20% cheaper vegetables and apples. This is due to the seasonal increase in the supply of the market, experts explain. And now have started to become cheaper tomatoes. This is stated in the plot program “snidanok z “1+1”.

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Also good news for the consumers is the cheaper meat. In the beginning of the month, experts predict a stabilization of prices, and in late August, expect a reduction in the cost of pork to 5%.

As for dairy products, there is expected to rise in price. By the end of the month the average price of milk will increase by 3-5%, experts predict the Ukrainian club of agrarian business.

The Ukrainian club of agrarian business

What happens to the prices of social products a month after the abolition of state regulation of their value, read on Dnia this link.