Not 3200. What are the salaries given to officials, clerks and their leaders

The minimum average monthly salary of a specialist of the Central Executive authority in Ukraine is 5280 UAH, and the maximum (with allowances, bonuses, financial assistance) – 15 thousand 234 UAH.

The dысокие salaries among officials – e secretaries of state (new posts under ministries). The minimum salary of such public servant may be 28 589 thousand UAH, and the maximum is 60 thousand UAH 699. About it writes “Economic truth” with reference to calculations of the economic strategy Center.

The remuneration of an employee of the Central body of Executive power on the basis of the scheme of salaries in 2017, in UAH for a month before tax:

The economic truth

The table shows two types of financial assistance: for improvement when granting annual paid leave and the decision socially-household questions.

As noted, the level of the Secretary of state has guaranteed premium for labor intensity and the performance of especially important work in the volume, menma 50% of the salary for each.

Also, take into account all temporary and allowances: for an additional load, for the intensity of labor, for performance of especially important work, for participation in the preparation of legislative acts for access to classified information.

Recall the average salary in Ukraine increased to 7360 UAH, and the minimum from 1 January 2017 is 3.2 thousand UAH.