In the group security in the Donbass announced a number of technology transferred to Russian militants

During July 2017, with Russian territory controlled by the militants areas of Donbass sent four tanks, seven armored combat, four of the seven artillery systems and reactive systems of volley fire.

These data are released by the representative of Ukraine in the sub-group on the security of the trilateral contact group on the Donbas Yevhen Marchuk.

On his page on Facebook he released a snippet of the official materials that the Ukrainian side will manifest during the meetings of the working group in Minsk.

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The document States that in July, militants in the occupied territory of Luhansk and Donetsk entered 19 cars and 10 trucks with ammunition (600 tons), up to eight vehicles, 103 tanks and four fuel trucks with fuel (about 6 to 130 tons).

Also in the past month were recorded 44 cases of militants of the drones for reconnaissance of Ukrainian territory and four cases of application of Russian reconnaissance aircraft.

“This information not only hears the Russian side, and the coordinator of our group from the OSCE translated into English. He is also the head of SMM OSCE in Ukraine. The Russian side always denies, saying that it is not confirmed data, that is, to show from what point and at what time of day you were shooting. A further matter of technique to detect and identify, who is able to do or to detect the exact location of the hidden camera. Whom it is necessary, including outside of Ukraine and see what you need,” wrote Marchuk.

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Yevgenij Marchuk published August 8, 2017

Earlier, the chief of the General staff of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko stated that Russia increased its military presence on the border with Ukraine mototelecom three divisions that are designed to conduct offensive operations. According to the head of the General staff, they are near the Ukrainian border on a permanent basis.

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