Several dozens of Kiev corny “spread” on a holiday in Egypt for $ 200

The desire to have a rest cheaply in Egypt played a cruel joke with the people of Kiev. The coveted journey turned into attempts to regain the money and punish the crooks, says the story TSN.19:30.

One of the victims shows how much money listed for a family vacation in Egypt, 18.8 thousand. “The vouchers I bought for two kids and mom,” – said Julia Magay. The woman responded to the call classmate to get a cheap tours – $ 200 per adult. According to legend, such an attractive price provided only to the members of the club, so I got another 150 UAH membership fee. When the time came to leave, it turned out that the holiday’s off.

Video surveillance 400 thousand hryvnias fraudsters tricked the people of Kiev who have purchased cheap tickets to Egypt

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:34

Ekaterina Timchenko, a mother of seven children. She says that in the Scam with a ticket she became an intermediary between the Scam and defrauded customers. She remembers how her friend Dmitry Gonchar, offered cheap holiday. “He’s a former Opera. Said budget permits, my wife works in the hospital, and she can do a hundred. But what about the closed mouth, not a lot about this-who knows. And I say, no one not speak – only to her” – from Kiev says.

Among their friends and relatives gathered more than 20 families. “Give me the money. And that’s all. I passed”, – says Ekaterina. The rest got only she and her husband and children. That not go the other then the pregnant woman learned only at sea. “When we found out that I got into such fraudulent scheme and became her helper, something I didn’t eat, didn’t drink, I just cried in the room,” she says. Dimitri then said, what happened force majeure, and to return the money he’s not. And wrote a statement to the police that his life was threatened by unknown persons.