A month after the tragedy in Kyiv gathered to the Council, the residents of the destroyed house explosion

A month after their house exploded and killed two neighbors, 70 people of Kiev have gathered in your own backyard to talk about the future. People were left without shelter, portselanist who where, and still don’t understand why no explosion, no where to live or who are the officials responsible for their fate, says the story TSN.19:30.

Poubivali all thresholds, the residents organized themselves, divided up spheres, is now in the yard, tumbledown house are accountable to each other and carry out instructions. “For departameno budget for the Department of financial need must the assessment of lost property” – is heard at the meeting. This means you need to go to something that was flat, and photograph. Risk not all are willing. “I suffered, my children suffered, but I have, forgive me how to climb to the third floor covered with, which is course not,” she said from Kiev.

Videopoke explosion at home in Kiev, people still don’t know where to live

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:33

Scared to not only go, but to see what remained. The fence around the dilapidated house was established immediately after the explosion, forbidden to enter the perimeter and posted guards to keep order. But now you can go freely, no one interferes, and, therefore, does not protect the things residents who remained in ruins. Not everything is simple and with the government’s promise of money – children under the category of victims are not covered and do not receive compensation.