Cat from Australia started a fire in the house in the amount of $ 40 000

In the suburbs of Adelaide Hillcrest antics of the cat led to the firethat caused the owners of the house damage in the amount of $ 40 000.

This was reported by “The Guardian”.

On Tuesday evening, passers-by heard a smoke alarm coming from the house and called the firefighters who extinguished the fire.

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Central fire Department deny that the stove was faulty or accidentally left on.

The cat was the only being that remained at home. Service representatives suggested that pet jumped on a ceramic plate and pressed to the burner. Then the fire spread to a box of cereal that stood on the kitchen bench and then on the ceiling.

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The animal was not injured, but the owners of the house suffered damages in the amount of $ 40 000.

Earlier it was reported that on the night of August 4 in Dubai burned one of the highest skyscrapers in the world – Torch Tower (also known as “the tower “the Torch”). The UAE government has promised to provide housing for fire victims.