In “Kyivenergo” said, when and for what period in six districts of the capital will shut off the hot water

In six districts of the capital for residents and institutions have disabled or shut off the hot water. “Kyivenergo” holds hydraulic tests in preparation for the winter period.

In particular, from 8 to 15 August hot water will not be in 868 houses, 15 hospitals, 40 schools, 223 offices in Desnianskyi district; 492 residential buildings, 11 hospitals, 23 schools, with 156 offices in Dniprovskyi district; 158 residential houses, 9 hospitals, 5 schools, with 152 offices in Shevchenkivskyi district; 4 residential buildings, 1 hospital, 1 school, 2 departments in Solomenskiy area.

From 8 to August 22, the hot water will temporarily cease for 377 homes, 11 hospitals, 15 schools, 189 departments in Solomenskiy district; 639 residential units, 6 hospitals, 32 schools, offices 233 in Obolonsky district.

From August 9 to 23 for 266 homes, 10 schools, 95 departments in Darnytskyi district.

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“Hydraulic testing is a diagnostic method that is applied by the company annually immediately after the end of the heating season and through August, to proactively identify and fix prior to the next heating season, damaged and worn areas of heating systems. According to regulations, the tests are carried out with water temperatures up to +40°C, which is fed into heating with high blood pressure. Because of this technologically impossible to test heating without turn off the hot water,” – said in the “Kyivenergo”.

Learn the timing of hydraulic tests on every street of the city with a special service on the website of the company at this link.

In “Kyivenergo” warned that during hydraulic tests the possible occurrence of failures of soil or asphalt, the appearance of water or vapor on the surface. In such cases, please call to the numbers: 15-88 (with landline) (044) 202-15-88 (mobile).

Drivers are asked not to Park over manholes heating chambers, which increases the likelihood of damage to transport and makes it impossible for prompt disconnection of damaged areas.

We will remind, the city authorities intend to refuse the services of “Kyivenergo” from hot water supply and heating after the heating season 2017-2018. The new company, which will provide services to the people of Kiev, not yet.

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