Because of the exorbitant prices, the Ukrainians began to eat less meat

Ukrainians began to eat less meat. For example, in 2013, on average, one person was consuming about 62 pounds of meat products. And in 2016, this figure is down 6 pounds – to 56.

Such data are cited by the State statistics service, says the plot of the program “snidanok z “1+1”.

Videosunu meat will be cheaper

Snidanok 1+1

Today, 08:10

In major Metropolitan supermarket shoppers in the meat Department – no. Veal here – from 120 UAH 140 UAH per kilogram. Pork – from 130 UAH to 150 UAH. Near the market stalls with meat people, but a little bit. Here are the prices by 10-15 UAH below the store. In General, over the past six months the price of meat increased by 20%.

Experts say that the meat to fall cheaper. But not essential. The price of pork will fall by 3-5% (4-6 UAH), beef – 10% (12-14 HR). But the poultry meat to become cheaper, at least for now, will not.

We will remind, in August should be cheaper and other products.

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