A terrible accident in Kiev: a pedestrian after hitting one car was thrown under the wheels of the other

In Kiev at the Lobanovsky Avenue in the night of 12 August there was a terrible accident, which resulted in the death of a pedestrian.

It is reported by the community Dtp.kiev.ua.

The car “Peugeot” under the control of the driver in the traveling direction of the bus and knocked down a pedestrian-offender. From blow the victim flying in the air for about 20 meters and fell under the wheels of the Chevrolet, which was traveling in the opposite lane.

The death of a pedestrian came instantly. At the scene police work.

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Fatal accident in Kyiv at Lobanovsky: the pedestrian died under the wheels of the Peugeot and Chevrolet: the girl on Peugeot driving down to the…

Published dtp.kiev.ua 11 Aug 2017

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