Season school fairs open in Kiev to collect the child to school will be a tidy sum

Three weeks before the start of the school year has started in Ukraine the school fair. Central opened on a capital Khreshchatyk, says the story TSN.19:30.

The family of Cekanovic goes to the market to buy some new clothes for Maxim. He moved in second grade and over the summer grew older, so many things have become for him a little – need a new one. In particular, the Shoe – leather costs 590 UAH. Shirts cheaper – 369, and sellers are willing to concede in price. Pants like shoes and shirts, of Ukrainian origin, but on the patterns from abroad. Sellers extol the value and offer to take at once suit is so solid. It is 1450 UAH, but they offer a discount of 100 UAH.

Videoooo 4 thousand hryvnia you need to spend to collect second-graders to school

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 21:11

Notebooks and pencil boxes without pictures cheaper, but Olga can not deny a child the covers with cars. Pencil case Chekanova choose over 220 UAH, rulers, scissors, albums, pens and other small thing took another 300 hryvnia. A separate item – sets for drawing and creativity, clay, markers and the like. This year they went up, it took another 200 hryvnia. Additional requirements – tracksuit and shoes for physical education. It is 1000 UAH.

Thus, to put the child in the second grade, according to conservative estimates, is slightly less than 4 thousand hryvnia. For first graders it will be more expensive – I need another briefcase or backpack. And advice from experienced parents to prepare for school is necessary before because it is cheaper. That is closer to 1 September, will increase the demand, and, accordingly, will be more expensive products.

The correspondent TSN Alexander Shilko

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