NABU has initiated proceedings against 37 senior officials of the country

National anti-corruption Bureau has opened criminal proceedings regarding the 37 senior officials of the state.

About it “the Ukrainian truth” reported in NABOO.

In addition, in respect of civil servants and officials of local self-government of category “A” Bureau opened 23 criminal proceedings, administration of law enforcement and controlling bodies – 8, senior officers of the APU, the SBU, machardie, state border service and other military formations – 5, management of state-owned enterprises – 77, judges and 38 prosecutors – 32.

The NAB has already made 2 posts about the suspicion of top-officials, 4 government employees and officials of local self-government of category “A”, 1 – head of law enforcement or controlling bodies, 2 – persons high-ranking officers, 36 – heads of state-owned enterprises, 17 – judges 13 – prosecutors.

Ukrainian Pravda

In addition, Agency workers reported suspicion of 3 senior officials (for 2 made up indictments), 7 folk and other MPs (5 amounted to indictments), 16 judges (9 indictments), 18 officials of the security agencies (17 indictments) and one police with the preparation of the indictment.

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Compensation of 136 million UAH, and almost 400 cases. In the NEB reports on the results of six months of work

Recall that the NAB investigating crimes, 87 billion hryvnia. Bureau managed to prevent the theft 879,9 million.

Meanwhile, in the processes filed in court, were recovered 136.3 million UAH losses.

Director NAB said that as of the end of June in the detective Bureau were 371 criminal proceedings, the status of suspects in which there were 219 people. During conducting pre-trial investigations are sent to court indictments against 121 persons.

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