Detained in Ukraine spies from the DPRK released from prison early on “law Savchenko” – Gerashchenko

Spies from the DPRK detained during attempts to access technical documentation on rocket technology AT the “Yuzhmash” in 2011, is still serving a sentence but may be released earlier on the “law Savchenko”.

This was announced by the people’s Deputy and Advisor to the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko.

A scandalous article in The New York Times, which is written about the possible involvement of Ukraine to the manufacture of engines that the DPRK uses in ballistic missiles, he called manipulative and untruthful.

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“The goal of the author is obvious – “put a shadow on the fence” and throw in American social thought of the idea that Ukraine is making unfriendly moves against the United States and, accordingly, it is not necessary to support it in its struggle against Russia” , – wrote Gerashchenko in Facebook.

On the days of the respected publication The New York Times, unfortunately, spread untruthful, manipulative information …

Published by the Anton Gerashchenko 15 Aug 2017

According to him, in the conditions of authorisation against the DPRK and Ukraine was not conducted and does not conduct any negotiations and, especially, transactions with North Korea on these issues.

The adviser to the interior Minister reminded that in 2011 in Ukraine were detained two spies from North Korea

“Knowing this, the representatives of North Korea in 2011 tried to access technical documentation on rocket technology AT the “Yuzhmash”, however, was exposed by employees of counterintelligence and the decision of the Nikolaev appellate court from 27.11.2011, received 8 years in prison under article 114 of the Criminal Code for espionage,” he wrote.

Gerashchenko noted that Liu Korean Ryu Seung chel is still serving his sentence in Zhytomyr penal colony No. 4, another detainee – Tae Kil, is serving a sentence in Zhytomyr penal colony No. 8.

Regarding both had applied the so-called “law Savchenko”, so they would be on the outside early – September 6, 2018.

“I think that the fact that the detention and prosecution of citizens of North Korea for attempting to gain access to the Ukrainian secret missile technology and is a fact of demonstration of the real attitude of Ukraine to the question of the alleged supply of technology to North Korea,” summed up Gerashchenko.

We will remind, on August 14, the American edition of the New York Times, citing expert analysis and assessment by American intelligence agencies reported that the success of North Korea testing Intercontinental ballistic missiles became possible due to the acquisition of powerful rocket engines on the black market, most likely from the Ukrainian plant.

Videoamerican media admit that the Ukrainians make engines for North Korean missiles

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:05

NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov said that the Ukrainian enterprises of the defense and aerospace complex did not supply weapons and military technology to North Korea.

The Ukrainian company “Pivdenmash” said a New York Times article is provocative and added that the facts presented in the publication are untrue. In particular, “Yuzhmash” is not a major producer of missiles for the Russian Federation and do not deliver to Russia or missiles or their parts and Assembly units, including rocket engines, and is irrelevant to the missile programs of the DPRK.

Expert Michael Elman, on the basis of the words of which were written in the article stressed that does not believe in what the Ukrainian government did contributed to the fact that the engines come from Ukraine.

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