Biletsky, and Yarosh, Dobkin, Rabinovich: the deputies with “zero” performance

66 people’s deputies of the Verkhovna Rada demonstrate “zero” performance – they were not authors of any accepted law.

It is reported by the Committee of voters of Ukraine.

Among these deputies – Andriy Biletsky, Dmitry Yarosh, Yuriy Boyko, Vadim Rabinovich, Eugene Moore, Sergiy Lyovochkin, Nestor Shufrich, Vitaly Homutynnik, Michael and Dmitry Dobkin.

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1 Aug, 08:21

While Moore has registered 127 bills that were never taken, Rabinovich – 47, Biletsky – 30, Homutynnik – 21, Shufrich – 19, Boyko – 15 RT – 10, Mykhailo Dobkin – 5, Dmitry Dobkin – just one.

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Most of the deputies with low productivity in the faction “the Opposition bloc” – 29. 10 independent MPs were not the authors of no law, 10 members of the BPP, 7, “Revival”, 5 – “popular Front”, 2 – “Batkivshchyna”, one member of the Radical party Lyashko, Samopomich and the “Will of the People.”

“Now every seventh Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada demonstrated zero performance. Some politicians are irresponsible legislative work. Bills are often recorded for paratively, accountability to voters or responding to current events, and therefore have no chance of adoption”, – said the head of CVU Alexey Purse.

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The most productive lawmaker was “radical” Victor Galasyuk – he is the author of 48 laws. Its leader Oleg Lyashko became the author of the 41 law, Maxim Efimov from BPP – 27, Viktor Krivenko (PPB) – 26, Ivan Vinnik (PPB) – 21.

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