Raccoon in the big city: Kiev told how he lives with an unusual pet

In the Internet appeared the video of the Moscow subway where the guy is drinking a soda from a fast food together with a raccoon. The journalists decided to find the owner of the animal and the caudate, says the story TSN.19:30.

As it turned out, Dmitry Reshetnik raccoon gauze and a half years as friends. Go everywhere together – to the shops, to work, even on concerts. With the animal guy came to the office of TSN, via the work of several departments has stopped. While journalists, editors and cameramen took pictures with caudate and everything about him was questioned, he stole and ate the cookie.

Videoton was able to communicate with popular from the raccoon and his owner

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:49

Dmitry says that a year and a half ago I wanted to buy a cat, so I went to a private menagerie. “I wanted a cat, I had a dream. But this little furry weirdo grabbed my pants, and I decided to take him themselves”, – said the guy. Marley eats eggs, nuts, cheese, meat and fruit. “When you open the refrigerator – I hear and come running. Steals often sweet, he is sweet and willing to exchange for meat. If you do not give him, he snatches from your hands,” – says the owner of the animal.

Sometimes a gargle and offended – when you leave home or a long time not speaking to him. “If you don’t pay attention, he starts something to do, somewhere to go, something to open. Might be a little angry. Then you can come cuddle”, – says Dmitry. Wolohan weighs more than 10 pounds, so while walking the city to pick it up isn’t easy. Dmitry admits that passers-by and passengers in public transport on animal react mostly happily, but I do not suspect he might do such a passenger. “The chain does not tear, but once the glasses broke,” admits the owner. But one day a raccoon, an accident – the girl behind the wheel staring at the animal and ran into a police car ahead.